Baby Goat Assumes German Shepherd As Her Mom, And The Dog Adores Her

We all know that dogs always show special love to their owners. That affection is not only shared with humans but also other animals, including other species.

Sometimes, certain animals take their devotion more than humans. We have heard the story about the cat taking care of other abandoned ones, the dog caring for others who are not their puppies, or the monkey raising a tiny cat. Each story teaches us different lessons with different meanings. The following story about a white German Shepherd and a baby goat is taken as an example.

As we can see in the picture, the baby goat is cuddled by the lovely German Shepherd, who is happily wagging her tail like other mom dogs. This adorable little goat tries to lie close to the fuzzy side of the dog.

The German Shepherd’s owner said that Shadow takes care of the little goat as her kittens. That is a lovely little goat, and she loves her so much. Through her smile and happiness in her video, it can be easily seen that she is keen on cuddling up next to the goat and giving her warm kisses. Without caring about the world in the living room, the baby seems to be very happy by her mom’s side.

As the baby grows up, we can be sure that they will have lots of fun together. They will most likely play or jump out of the living room. However, at the moment, Shadow has her new baby, and she is so happy to focus on her new kitten. The scene now is simply cuter than ever.

This is such an adorable friendship. Please share it with your family and friends.

H/T: Dogdispatch