Disabled Dog Crawls To Homeless Man, Asking Him For Food

In everyday life, many memorable moments make a strong impression on us. The peaceful scene has retained that indelible mark.

When Lira Quicaño was walking along Samuel Alcázar Avenue, Peru, she took this stunning shot. The lovely photo shows the pets being protected and looked after by a Venezuelan man in a wheelchair.

Although this dog is physically disabled, he still has a kind owner to take care of him.

The dog’s owner is a Venezuelan immigrant who has a loving heart. He patiently fed the puppy in the presence of many people.

Lira said that she saw this boy talking affectionately with the dog and that the dog cannot walk but can only crawl.

Lira’s heart melted at that lovely moment.

Based on local reports, Lira said she felt happy seeing this melting moment. She wanted to share it on social media and spread it as a message of love.

That fantastic photo went viral around the world and attracted a lot of people. Thousands of accounts have expressed feelings about that photo.

The dog is highly grateful to the Good Samaritan boy with his loving eyes. Although there is not enough money to raise the dog, the dog is still protected and loved at all costs.

This dog’s keeper is an immigrant cleaning up the cars on the same dynamic avenue in Rímac. He loves his dog to accompany him when he works to always take the dog with him during work hours.

Upon witnessing “his child” being loved, a group of young people suggested a tip for this Venezuelan immigrant.

The story of a man with his great love for the puppy has touched our hearts despite insufficient finance.

All animal life is significant, especially this disabled dog that needs help and protection to survive. The migrant man understood that sentiment and had always brought the dog by his side.

This touching photo was shared and revealed that both adorable characters spread intense love.

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