Sick Flea-bitten Dog Was Rescued While Being Lost In Massachusetts Beach

An animal control officer – Cindy Berard, spotted an Italian mastiff left alone on Massachusetts beach. He was caught while standing on the rocks in the water. He might be lost and get stuck in this position.

A Massachusetts woman found him with a  body that was bloated fearfully. This dog looked sick and tired on his face. People seemed to be far away from him because he looked like a ” medical dump.” No one was willing to help him. Poor him!

Berard snapped a photo of this weird dog and reported it to the rescuer at the Forever Paws Animal Shelter. She looked at him with indeed sympathy and hoped he could find his happiness in the shelter.

After being sent to the Forever Paws Animal Shelter, they named this sick dog Pacha. The vet helped him take 12 pounds of fluid out of his body and gave him veterinary treatment. After four days, he went better a bit and no longer suffered a distended belly.

However, Pacha had to deal with a more significant health issue known as congestive heart failure. This type of disease might be difficult to access for a cure. But the vet tried his best to mint his pain while providing a treat.

At this time, Pacha was three years old. He was given special care by a specialist named Nolan Ferreira. She knew Pacha was responding well under her treatment. He was so obedient and friendly, big but adorable.

Pacha has been facing his final days; however, Forever Paws Animal Shelter is willing to give him an actual house for adoption. Arianna Silva – the shelter director, always paid attention to him and hoped that her Pacha could lead his own life even in three weeks, three months, or three years.

Due to his critical situation, the rescuer hoped to find a foster who can commit to giving his time to caring. He needed drinking medicines on time and was brought back to the hospital for a follow-up health check.

Silva will cover Pacha’s caring costs, including his special diet and medicines. He can not play and run like other normal dogs, so do not leave him alone for a long time.

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( H/T: the animal rescue site)