Dog Stuck In Mexico Floods Was Rescued In Time By Firefighters

Here was a dog detained in floods and begging for help from Hurricane Eta in Mexico. Luckily, the rescuers rushed in time and brought him to safety. This golden dog might have lost his family and stayed on the window frame for hours before being found out.

This incredible moment was posted on social media and received a lot of advocates from the community.

This dog was found while clinging to a metal window box of a home on Nov 13. He paid a begging look and asked for help from rescuers. This dog looked very tired and seemed to have no strength left to call for help. That was pitiful!

Here are some pictures snapped of how they rescue a desperate dog from floods in the Tabasco region. You can watch the full video below¬†and share it with your animal lover’s friends.

While searching for residents who might find it hard to escape from floods, the rescuers suddenly jumped into the dogs. He was floating in the water and treading on a metal window frame. Then the rescuers came close to him and gave him help.

They pulled him on the boat and patted him to mint his fear. This dog knew they were all kind people, so he let them touch him easily.

Thanks to the rescuer, the dog could save his life. The dog seemed to be grateful and friendly to them.

This footage was shooted by a rescuer and went viral among the community. It showed how the dog saved his own life by hanging out to something that helped him be safe while waiting to be rescued.

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H/T: Faithpot