Experiencing Extreme Heat Outside, Dogs Sneak Inside The Bank To Cool Themselves

This story happened in October 2020 when Uba, Minas Gerais, Brazil, suffered the record temperature up to 104° during five consecutive days. A man spotted some dogs prowling around an ATM in a bank. He saw these dogs one day before, and today he came for video shutting.

People were dealing with the danger of extremely high heat. Therefore, going outside was so tricky because they could be burned any time, honestly. If humans could not survive well in this temperature, how could animals? Surprisingly, they finally found the solution.

In the beginning, there were just one or two dogs there. But then more and more also visited and started lying down on the bank’s floor. They came for survival because the temperature outside might get close to the top of burning.

This picture depicts how harsh they have to survive with the environment. These dogs appeared everywhere near ATMs, in front of the door, in the restroom, near the counter, etc.

These dogs flattened their warming bodies on the cool floor in abundance. Everyone understood this situation because they had to experience severely hot covering over the city. These dogs were so clever when quickly breaking into a local bank branch to stay cool from the air conditioning.

These dogs were so good-natured and friendly. They did not bark or even run in utter disorder besides lying obediently on the floor. The passing-by people might become familiar with these dogs; they just looked at them and paid them their sympathy.

From this story, you can see that dogs are so clever. They can themselves find a way to survive in every environment provided that humans can understand and support them if needed. Besides that, you can see how cute they are when they reach contact with humans. That is the great relationship people can not refuse to create.

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H/T:  The Animal Rescue Site