Wild Huge Hippo Caught Everyone Surprise While Flatting His Back With A Pink Belly On The Water

While wandering at Kruger National Park in South Africa, one photographer-Jackie Cilliers, snapped an outlandish scene of a massive animal in the water. That animal flatted his back surface and raised his legs out of the water to catch the great air.

Jackie Cilliers was a 52-year-old woman who hunted this moment within 10 meters on her family’s vacation. This hippo showed his big pink belly on the water while sunbathing. She paid attention to him from the hide.

The first time, Jackie Cilliers saw this hippo look like it was injured or got a disease, but this big mammal enjoys the great stream of water. He pushed his legs up in the air and raised his body upside down to absorb the lovely sunlight.

While relaxing and yawning, this hippo’s mate continuously came full butt with him. to make him turn over. However, he did not care and push his mate far away. He indeed loved the way he was lying on his back even several surrounding were paying unusual eyes.

His mate might not have the feeling like him. This hippo friend just floated herself on her belly, then sank under the water and let him come in for a sunlight stream alone.

More people caught him on the water. They looked at him from the hide and chuckled as he was an antic. They also spotted his lazily yawning pose that was so fantastic.

The picture depicted an exceptionally huge mouth of this wild hippo. He started yawing and might go asleep for a while because the sunlight got his interest. People could easily be found out with his great shape, especially his bright rink belly floating on the water. He looked like a big wild cheese laying for relaxation in an immense space.

H/T: Sonyaz