Two-week-old Kitten Saved By A Husky, And Starts Behaves Like A Dog

This story is about a two-week-old kitten, who was most likely near death. In detail, the Comeback Kids decided to nurse her back to health. Everything seemed not to be as good as the expectation. Hopefully, an adorable husky showed up and made the recovery of the kitten much better.

Rosie, a tiny cat, who tended to be near the death, refused to drink the milk. The rescuers attempted to feed her for a few hours, but it did not work. This situation appeared to change when a lovely husky named Lilo paid attention to the tiny kitten.

It was hoped that Lilo would assist Rosie in any way. They were put together at the same place. However, Lilo did much more than we expected. She took over as Rosie’s mother. She cuddled Rosie with much love and affection and vice versa.

After the kitten was comforted by Lilo, we could easily approach and feed her milk. The first meal, which the Comeback Kids offered, was taken gently by Rosie after a few hours.

Lilo put all her effort into taking care of Rosie, and she was always by her side. Day by day, their relationship was more and more cohesive. As Rosie grew, their unique bond tended to be stronger.
At this time, with the help of saving Rosie’s life, Lilo became her mother. Lilo let the kitten play with her. It was evident that no one could separate them apart because they adored each other so much.

It is said that The Comeback Kids saved many kittens and tried to find them forever homes. Lots of cats were kept by them. But Rosie was one of the most exceptional cases. They agreed to make the exception for this kitten because of Lilo’s love.

When Rosie grows, they always do all things together. Interestingly, Rosie’s actions now are pretty similar to dogs’ behaviors. They are an adorable couple. Looking at the following picture, they look so happy and lovely when they are on the beach and matching shark life.

Their lives are considered an adventure. The kitty goes for a walk on a leash. They swim, go camping and enjoy all trips together. Now Both Rosie and Loli are living a life full of love and fun.

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H/T: Dogdispatch