Stolen Pit Bull Reunited With His Family After 8-year Of Separation

A Pit Bull named Junior was missing one night of house break-in in 2012. At that time, Junior was very young, Julia Nemeth’s family tried hard to search for him for a long time, but they still couldn’t find him.

Junior has been missing for eight years. Julia misses him a lot and every day wishes to have him back. The family is always looking for him for days hoping that Junior will return to her side. In the end, a miracle happened.

Nemeth brought junior home from a young age. Nemeth feels a close connection with the elegant Junior, who knows how to please this master. From the beginning, she has trained the dog to use its hands instead of barking to wake her children.

After the house was broken into, Julia went through the récue, shelter sites and turned to the lost animal rescue team. But the attempts failed.
In 2018, Junior received tapeworm treatment at the Humane Society of Summit Country. He would be adopted after he was completely healthy. He was returned after three adoptions, and they didn’t know that there was a family who was still striving to find this lovely dog.

When the picture of Junior appeared online, Julia noticed the dog and immediately called the shelter. They confirmed that it was similar to the Junior she described. She soon went to the top to meet Junior.

As a result, Nemeth’s family reunited with Junior after 8 years of separation.

Junior noticed his family after a few minutes of hesitation. He remembers the hand signals that were taught and had fun with them. The dog was finally brought home.

Julia couldn’t believe that she could see Junior again. She is grateful to her husband when helping her through the pain, and thanks to that little Junior is back to her.

H/T: I Heart Dogs