Dog Dumped On The Street With A Carton Box And Nothing Else

When JoAnn and Katie , from Hope For Paws,  just heard about the dog dumped on the street with nothing, they planned to assist. After arriving, because the Chihuahua didn’t trust anybody, except for the one giving food, they had to wait for someone she knew. The following picture shows the abandoned dog standing next to the cardboard box in need of help.

To get the attention of this little girl, JoAnn took a delicious cheeseburger and offered it to her. Then, She put a gentle snare around the dog’s neck to keep him in place. A week later, they kept interacting and feeding her, and they also figured out the dog’s name was Frijoles. As we can see in the picture, It seems that Frijoles has just had a bath. She is lying on the bed with the care of a rescuer. The good news is that she is safe and everything is alright now.

As soon as rescuers took in Frijoles, they sent her to the animal hospital to check and bathe. Then, she was luckily adopted by LA Animal Rescue with unconditional love and affection. Let’s see how she is today in the ideal forever home through the video.

The video presents the place where Frijoles was abandoned. She stood under the tree next to the box. The rescuer managed to approach her. However, she ran away because she seemed to not believe in strangers. Therefore, they had to feed her some food to gain her trust. They had a conversation with the neighbor who feeds the dog every day and knew her name, Frijoles.

After that, she was brought to CARES for a health check and bathing. Through the video, Frijoles was very obedient when she was having a bath, and it looks so cute. Hopefully, she finds a lovely family forever home and has a happy life then.

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