TTirado The TSA Dog Has Epic Bag Search Given Before He Gets Retired

Probably the best thing about flying the friendly skies is having the opportunity to watch TSA canines at work. They care about their job as much as how adorable they are. TSA canines’ noses can detect explosives and keep us safe and happy while waiting in those unending security checkpoint lines and cringing at the idea of removing our shoes!

After eight years of service, one of the airport protectors retired. Before retirement, one last bag search was given to TTirado, and it was full of surprises. Fortunately, everything was filmed on a video and sent to us!

Mark Howell is TSA’s Territorial Representative, and he shared the video on Twitter.

In 2012, after graduating from the third class of screening canines, his TSA career began. Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas is where his training began. His time of service is one of the longest-serving canines of TSA.

TTirado will spend his retirement getting nestles and treats with his forever family. Keith Gray is his handler and also the one who adopted him. Even though Keith doesn’t know about TTirado, he couldn’t think of any of his co-workers he wanted to adopt. Since it is TTirado, it’s an easy decision.

Twitter was full of comments congratulating TTirado on his retirement. His video about the last search for bags has gathered more than 1,000,000 views.

A first-class ticket to retirement was given to TTirado from now on.

In case you’re interested in his name, you’re not seeing a grammatical error. In honor of Hector Luis Tirado, Jr. – a firefighter in New York who lost his life on 9/11, Ttirado was named after him. Canines named out of appreciation for fallen heroes are given the differentiation of a twofold, first letter in their name. TTirado steadily completed a heritage and the difficult work to protect our country.

When he wasn’t busy with tracking down explosives, TTirado cosplayed as an undercover skunk.
Simply joking, in any case, he wasn’t reluctant to dress like one. After all, every good boy knows that life can’t be an unhealthy work-life balance! However, since he’s retired, it will be 100% all play from now on.
Please take a look at what he discovered on his last search for a bag! Congrats TTirado!

H/T: I Heart Dogs