Left With Chain While Nursing Six Newborn Puppies, Mother Dog Was Rescued In Time For Another Life

On Nov 5, an abandoned dog was found while being chained up to the fence with six newborn baby puppies. That was terrible! Why can people do that evil toward their lovely friends? It was a heartbreaking situation when seeing that dog nursing her six babies in pain.

The owner of the piteous dog has abandoned her intentionally and chained her up in County Roscommon, Ireland. She tried to release herself in vain and begged for help. She looked skinny and pale. That hurts!

Someone right called the police and the ISPCA for help when witnessing this heart-broken situation. The ISPCA brought her family to the shelter for veterinary care. People turned pressing while the photo the ISPCA posted on their Facebook. They felt cruelty and paid much sympathy to the piteous family.

These dogs were given a blessing because they did not match any health risk besides being hungry and cold. ISPCA named mama dog was Emmy Lou, and her babies were Billy Ray, Dixie, Dolly, Dotty, June và Patsy. ISPCA advised people to notify them whenever they see cruelty and abuse. While the abuser of Emmy Lou was messing about on the road, let’s make him cost his life through community report and punishment.

ISPCA Center Manager Hugh O’Tool paid his great anguish to the Emmy Lou family and encouraged them to accuse the evil abuser. He was just a 2-year-old dog; abusing her while nursing babies were highly ruthless.

Anyway, it sounds great because they were brought in time and get a chance to live again. From now on, Emmy Lou got her happy home with her six cute puppies. She always waits for someone who can adopt her family with all their hearts.

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H/T: The Animal Club