Veteran At Final Days Of His Life Wishes To Reunite With His 5-Year-Old Doggy Friend

People believe that dogs are such a kind of loyal pet. They always accompany you under any circumstances. They have a sense of affection and your love, so being with you may become their vocations.

This must be a sad story when you have to say goodbye to your beloved person forever. Likewise, a veteran who was about to go to see God desired to meet his puppy one time at the last moment. This story inspires people about the beautiful relationship between humans and animals.

John Vincent worked as a veteran marine in Vietnam a long time ago. Recently he has reached 69 years old and been facing severe health risk. He was taken to the hospice at Raymond G. Murphy Veterans Affairs Medical Center, but his situation might turn worse and worse.

Due to his critical situation, his lovely 5-year-old dog – Patch, had to separate from him unexpectedly. This puppy was sent to Albuquerque Animal Welfare because no one could support him to raise Patch at that time.

John was dealing with his terrible final days of life, and his only desire was to see his dog friend before stopping breathing. Amy Neal – a palliative care social worker, helped John got the last chance to rub his piteous Patch.

Immediately, the team member of Albuquerque Animal Welfare took Patch to the hospice with John being emotionally touched.

Patch kept quiet during the ride until he met his owner. It might be pleased but left a bit sorrowful on the face. He started whimpering and plugging in its owner.

Patch is a meaningful name Vincent gave for his adorable pet due to its having a small patch of white fur. He first got Patch from his neighbor; then they lived together until now.

Albuquerque Animal Welfare snapped this touching moment and shared it on Facebook. People became moved and prayed for both to get their happy life wherever they were.

After that, Patch came back to his shelter and waited for adoption. It is a bittersweet story that melts people’s emotions much. Hope you share it with all heart!

H/T: The Animal Club